Spring 2022 roundtable meeting

The Council will be holding its first in-person event for two years as we host our Spring 2022 roundtable meeting on Thursday 12 May from 2pm to 5.30pm at the Jisc offices in London.

The event details, venue location and (free) registration can be found at:


We will have an opportunity to share information about IPv6 projects and the challenges that come along.

The preliminary list of topics that will also be discussed:

    • Transition technologies for ISPs (latest RFC drafts)
    • SRv6 is gaining supporters as well as opponents, so what’s to it?
    • Why are some organisations removing IPv6 from their internal network (after they have already deployed it)? What recommendations we could provide to stop this?

Note that places are limited for our roundtable events. We will ask that everyone who registers takes a lateral-flow test on the day of the meeting and wears a face mask during the meeting.

The address of the Jisc offices is Jisc, 15 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BW.

We expect to add Zoom access for remote participation, details to follow.

After the meeting, we will continue the informal discussion in a local pub (to be specified at the meeting) and at 7 PM we will join NetLdn meeting at The Wheatsheaf (25 Rathbone Place, W1T 1JB).