If you want to get in touch with the UK IPv6 Council, please email

We are always very happy to speak with people interested in either hosting or speaking at our events. It’s always good to talk to people who are new to IPv6, or keen to learn or share their experiences.


You are also very welcome to join the UK IPv6 Council by signing up to our LinkedIn group and joining discussions there.


We are also on Twitter, as @UKIPv6Council

Presentations from our Annual Meeting happening today are available at #IPv6

The home networking standard from Apple, Google, Zigbee and Amazon is on target for 2021, and is all IPv6 - #IPv6

There is a free IPv6 address planning webinar by ARIN/INTC from 4pm-6pm BST this Thursday 6th August - to register visit #IPv6

Google are close to having an IPv6-only guest network deployed - #IPv6

You can join the free RIPE
NCC::Educa IPv6-only networking event on Monday, 8 June from 9am to 1pm BST - agenda and registration at #IPv6

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