If you want to get in touch with the UK IPv6 Council, please email

We are always very happy to speak with people interested in either hosting or speaking at our events. It’s always good to talk to people who are new to IPv6, or keen to learn or share their experiences.


You are also very welcome to join the UK IPv6 Council by signing up to our LinkedIn group and joining discussions there.


We are also on Twitter, as @UKIPv6Council

Videos from our Annual Meeting in December are now online to accompany the speakers' slides at #IPv6

Olivier Crepin-Leblond of ISOC UK shows the IPv6 measurement tool...

tldr; there's a whole pile of horrid in the Xbox to deal with double nat, incompatible nat types and it will eventually fall back to relaying via Azure. Or your ISP can enable #IPv6 and it all works.

Terry Froy describes his anycast NAT64/DNS64 service... #IPV6

For IPv6 deployment in p2p multiplayer games, such as the Xbox, latency is king. #IPv6

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