Welcome to the UK IPv6 Council

The UK IPv6 Council is a non-profit technology user group focused on promoting and sharing best practices on IPv6 deployment and adoption in the United Kingdom.

Our Next Event: UK IPv6 Council Annual Meeting 2018

Our next event will be our UK IPv6 Council Annual Meeting, to be held at the BT Centre, London on 7th December 2018.

Registration for this free event is now available here.

Our Next Roundtable Meeting

Our next Roundtable meeting is currently pencilled in for 8th April 2019, in Manchester, the day before the UKNOF meeting in a very nearby venue. More details will be published after our Annual meeting is held.

Past event: IPv6 Transition Technologies Workshop

This event, focusing on discussion of IPv6 transition strategies, scenarios and tools, was kindly hosted by Imperial College London on 25th September 2018. The talks featured many operators presenting their views and experiences on a wide range of transition mechanisms.

Blog: The 6th Anniversary of the World IPv6 Launch

It is hard to believe that over six years have passed since the World IPv6 Launch on 6th June 2012. In order to help our community celebrate this important anniversary, we published a blog post reflecting on six years of IPv6 in the UK.

Past event: Joint IPv6 Networking Event with BT and Cisco

We held a partnership event with Cisco and BT in London in January, with a focus on enterprise networking. The event, organised by Steve Youell of JP Morgan, included discussion of a range of business drivers and scenarios.

Past event: 4th Annual UK IPv6 Council Meeting

The UK IPv6 Council’s 4th Annual Meeting held in December 2017 attracted over 100 attendees. The event included speakers from BT, EE, Facebook, Cisco and a variety of other expert sources. The meeting venue was kindly provided by BT.

Past event: UK IPv6 Council Security Workshop

Our free IPv6 Security workshop, held in July 2017 at BT Centre, London, drew over 120 attendees. Speakers included BT and the NCSC, as well as Fernando Gont, David Holder, and many more.