Welcome to the UK IPv6 Council


The UK IPv6 Council is a non-profit technology user group focused on IPv6 deployment and adoption in the United Kingdom.

Next Event

The UK IPv6 Council’s Annual Meeting will be held on October 31st, 2016 at the IET, London.

The agenda for the meeting already includes speakers from Cisco, Sky, BT, EE, Imperial College, LinkedIn, Microsoft and the Internet Society.

You can register free for the event via Eventbrite here.

The meeting is kindly sponsored by Cisco, Axians, and the IET.

The Council’s vision

The UK IPv6 Council was established on April 4th, 2014, as a local chapter of the IPv6 Forum.

Our vision and strategy is to:

  • Create an environment for┬átechnical and business people from all industries/public sector/SP/academia that enables sharing of information, business cases/drivers and experience with IPv6 deployments (in all IT areas that are touched by IP).
  • Enable dialog and create a community. Develop a sense of togetherness and an environment to share knowledge.
  • Work with other organisations in UK and abroad, to make UK IPv6 activities visible in the UK and at an international level.
  • Change the perception of the UK as an “IPv6-negative country“.