Welcome to the UK IPv6 Council


The UK IPv6 Council is a non-profit technology user group focused on IPv6 deployment and adoption in the United Kingdom.

The UK IPv6 Council was established on April 4th, 2014, as a local chapter of the IPv6 Forum.

Our vision and strategy is to:

  • Create an environment for technical and business people from all industries/public sector/SP/academia that enables sharing of information, business cases/drivers and experience with IPv6 deployments (in all IT areas that are touched by IP).
  • Enable dialog and create a community. Develop a sense of togetherness and an environment to share knowledge.
  • Work with other organisations in UK and abroad, to make UK IPv6 activities visible in the UK and at an international level.
  • Change the perception of the UK as an “IPv6-negative country“.

NEXT EVENT: UK IPv6 Councils 4th round-table 

4th UK IPv6 council round-table - London, April 2016

The UK IPv6 Council will be hosting a round-table event in the Central London. This will be the first event of 2016, as always, the agenda is fairly fluid and is intended as a basis for conversation and input.

  • Updates on deployment status by UK ISP’s
  • Consumer electronics and IPv6

To register, please go to our Eventbrite page.