Welcome to the UK IPv6 Council


The UK IPv6 Council is a non-profit technology user group focused on IPv6 deployment and adoption in the United Kingdom.

The UK IPv6 Council was established on April 4th, 2014, as a local chapter of the IPv6 Forum.

Our vision and strategy is to:

  • Create an environment for technical and business people from all industries/public sector/SP/academia that enables sharing of information, business cases/drivers and experience with IPv6 deployments (in all IT areas that are touched by IP).
  • Enable dialog and create a community. Develop a sense of togetherness and an environment to share knowledge.
  • Work with other organisations in UK and abroad, to make UK IPv6 activities visible in the UK and at an international level.
  • Change the perception of the UK as an “IPv6-negative country“.


IPv6 – Building Apps for the next generation Internet
– 2nd June 2016, London

The Internet Protocol (IP) is at the very foundation of the internet and is the technology responsible for addressing, connecting and routing the billions of devices connected today. Although unquestionably successful at this task, the current version IPv4, is struggling with the unprecedented rate of growth seen over the past decade.

IPv6 is the successor to IPv4 and over the past few years the internet has begun to transition to this new standard. Currently, ~10% of the worlds devices are using IPv6 and this number is growing at an increasingly rapid rate.

This transition will largely be seamless and many will not even know it has happened but there are some key advantages to understanding what is going on. This will allow the informed to ensure their applications continue to function as expected and even give them an edge over the competition.

At this event we will present:

  • Why IPv6 is important and how it could give your mobile applications a real-world performance boost.
  • Technical tips and tricks for using IPv6 with the Apple iOS API’s as well as with C/Java/Python/PHP.
  • A real world deployment at a major internet company.

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