Upcoming Events

Our next Council event will be a half-day IPv6 Transition Technologies workshop, hosted by Imperial College London on 25th September 2018. Agenda and registration can be found here.

After the workshop, we will retire to a local gastropub, The Queen’s Arms, which was recommended by the host. Everyone is welcome to join us there!

Past events

A roundtable meeting took place at Facebook’s offices in London on Wednesday 25th April 2018.

Joint BT-Cisco IPv6 Council meeting

We held a partnership event with Cisco and BT in London on 23rd January 2018. For more details and slide decks from the meeting see the event page.

4th Annual UK IPv6 Council Meeting

The UK IPv6 Council’s 4th Annual Meeting, held on December 5th, 2017 at BT Centre, London, attracted over 100 attendees.

You can now view slide decks, photos and videos from the meeting, which included speakers from BT, EE, Facebook, Cisco and a variety of other expert sources.

The meeting venue was kindly provided by BT.

UK IPv6 Council Security Workshop

Our free IPv6 Security workshop, held on Wednesday 12th July at BT Centre, London, drew over 120 attendees.

The slide decks and videos from the event are now available here.

Our thanks to BT for providing the venue and refreshments.

UK IPv6 Council 3rd Annual Meeting – October 31st 2016, IET, London

The agenda for the meeting included speakers from Cisco, Sky, BT, EE, Imperial College, LinkedIn, Facebook and the Internet Society.

Slides, photos and videos are now available.

5th UK IPv6 Council roundtable

The UK IPv6 Council hosted its fifth round-table event at Microsoft, London. The agenda included:

  • Updates about IPv6 deployments by UK ISPs (Sky UK, Virgin Media)
  • Sky’s IPv6 Completion (Sky UK)
  • IPv6 for Smart Cities (Adevice, Spain)

Slides are available here.

IPv6 – Building Applications for the next generation Internet – 2nd June 2016, London

At this event we held presentations and discussion on:

  • Why IPv6 is important and how it could give your mobile applications a real-world performance boost.
  • Technical tips and tricks for using IPv6 with the Apple iOS API’s as well as with C/Java/Python/PHP.
  • IPv6 for environmental sensor networks, through 6LoWPAN technology
  • The Microsoft perspective on IPv6 for the XBox One

Slides are available here.

4th UK IPv6 council round-table – London, April 2016

The UK IPv6 Council hosted the Spring round-table event in the Central London. This was the first event of 2016, as always, the agenda which was fairly fluid  has evolved into a more topic focused afternoon:

  • Updates about IPv6 deployments by UK ISPs (Sky UK, Virgin Media)
  • University of Reading IPv6 deployment in their new campus in Malaysia (Andy Gatward, UoR)
  • Experience with DNS Behaviour of Dual-stacked Hosts (Richard Patterson, Sky UK)
  • Engineering the Digital Economy (Alan Berry, The IET)
  • IPv6 deployment in Microsoft Xbox (Microsoft)
  • Upcoming events of the UK IPv6 Council

Recording of the Microsoft Xbox presentation can be found here.

Slides from the event can be found here.

3rd UK IPv6 council round-table – London, December 2015

The UK IPv6 Council will be hosting a round-table event in the City of London. This will be the last event of 2015 with plenty of mince pies to fuel the discussion! As always, the agenda is fairly fluid and is intended as a basis for conversation and input.

  • DC virtualisation, containers and how IPv6 is involved.
  • Year in review, looking back over 2015 at IPv6 related activities in the UK.
  • Council focus for 2016.

Slides from the event can be found here.

2nd UK IPv6 Council Meeting – London, September 2015

After almost a year, the UK IPv6 Council is pleased to invite our members for another day-long event hosted by the UCL in Euston Square in London. The agenda includes many interesting talks about the current status of IPv6 deployments in the UK, updates by the largest UK ISPs and this time with more focus on enterprise IPv6 deployment. This event will also provide plenty of time for networking and discussion and the day will close with a roundtable discussion.

2nd IPv6 Council Roundtable – London, 30th June 2015

Second roundtable discussion focused on the UK Government supporting IPv6 deployment.

IPv6 Council Roundtable – London, 15th April 2015

The UK IPv6 Council would like to invite our members for a roundtable discussion. The focus will be on sharing our own IPv6 deployment experiences and also discussing future activities that the Council could potentially start.

The aim is to provide time and space for many discussions, building contacts and sharing our knowledge.

IPv6 Council Meeting – London, October 2014

Business Case for IPv6, 25 September 2014

First webinar will focus on the business case for IPv6 in different organisations.

The agenda will include:

  • A round-table discussion with the UK IPv6 Council board members with a focus on the business/technical drivers for deploying IPv6 in their respective organisations.

The recording of this webinar is posted on our LinkedIn Group page. Please join the Council in order to access it.