IPv6 Council Meeting, Sep 2015

UK IPv6 Council Meeting 2015

The second public UK IPv6 Council meeting was held at UCL on 23rd September 2015. The event was attended by over 50 people from a mixture of commercial, industry and academic companies and organisations.

Slides (PDF) are available for most talks, as listed below. Video recordings were produced courtesy of IET TV.

ISP updates

IPv6 Status in the UK – Veronika McKillop, UK IPv6 Council co-chair [slides]

Sky IPv6 Launch – Ian Dickinson, Sky UK [slides] [video]

BT IPv6 Update – no slides available [video]

IPv6 in the EE Network – Balbir Singh, EE [slides] [video]

Virgin IPv6 Update – no slides used [video]

Guest speakers

IPv6 Global Status – Silvia Hagen, Chair, Swiss IPv6 Council [slides] [video]

IPv6 in the Internet of Things – Prof Peter Kirstein, UCL [slides] [video]

Post-lunch Session

Sky IPv6 – Project Management – Alex Chalfont, Sky UK [slides] [video]

Experience with IPv6 Customers – Andrew Chat, exponential-e [slides] [video]

Microsoft IT’s IPv6 Killer App – IPv4 Address Depletion – Marcus Keane, Microsoft [slides] [video]

Political Dimension of IPv6 Deployment – Phil Virgo – no slides used [video]

Cisco IPv6 Lab – Steve Simlo, Cisco [slides]